Gala Dinner

During the conference we are planning several social events.
As of now, we would like to invite ISSID 2017 participants to an elegant Gala Dinner which will take place on the third day of the conference (July 26th). The event will cost 60 €.
We are going to spend an exceptional evening in Endorfina restaurant. The Endorfina – located in The Zamoyski’s Palace – is one of the most exciting restaurants in Warsaw. During our Gala Dinner you will have a chance not only to taste Polish traditional cuisine, but also to relax and spend some amazing time in a beautiful historical Palace.
Find out more about this place:



Smoked cold meat
Roast beef stuffed boletus
Beef tartar
Vegetable Rolls (Vegetarian)
Traditional vegetable salad (Vegetarian)
Selection of salad with vegetables and dressing (Vegetarian)
Salad with polish cheese „Oscypek” and cranberry (Vegetarian)
Selection of bread and butter
Cold borscht (Vegetarian)

Main course

Roasted duck with cranberry sauce
Chops with mushrooms, onion and cheese (Vegetarian)
Cabbage stuffed with rice and meat with tomato-cream sauce
Typical Polish noodles (Vegetarian)
Potatoes with dill (Vegetarian)
Selection of vegetables (Vegetarian)
Buckwheat groats (Vegetarian)
Young cabbage (Vegetarian)


Homemade cheesecake
Apple pie
Chocolate cake
Cupcakes with fruits

Live cooking with dumplings

– cabbage and mushrooms (Vegetarian)
– meat
– with white cheese and potatoes (Vegetarian)
– with white cheese and cream (Vegetarian)